Hi. I’m Andreu Botella (pronouns they/them), a web browser and standards engineer working at Igalia. I’m currently working on various things in the Chromium browser engine (which powers browsers such as Google Chrome), largely involving website layout. I also work on the WinterCG project, helping bring features highly wanted by server-side JavaScript runtimes into the web and JS standards, and implementing them in browsers and JS engines – particularly AsyncContext.

Some of the areas of the web platform and browsers that I have worked on are character encodings, form submission, the multipart/form-data form submission encoding, web workers, structured cloning, text editing and layout, JavaScript realms and ShadowRealm, among others. I have contributed to several of the WHATWG and W3C web specifications, and worked on all three mainstream browser engines, as well as made extensive contributions to the Deno JavaScript runtime.

Before I started working on web browsers and standards, I used to be a full-stack web developer, with experience working with languages, runtimes and frameworks such as Node.js, React, Next.js, Express.js and PHP.

Other interests of mine include math, physics, linguistics, music…


// FIXME: Link to some of my work on web standards, browsers, Deno…

A WIP definition of multipart/form-data for use in web standards (GitHub)

A self-building and self-updating mirror of the CSS Working Group specifications (GitHub)

See also the various talks and interviews I’ve given.