Hi. I'm Andreu Botella (pronouns he/they), a full-stack web developer and contributor to web standards and web browsers. I currently work on the Web Platform team at Igalia, focusing on CSS and editing on the Chromium browser engine (which powers browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge).

My work on full-stack development has focused on the latest and greatest of the web platform, with experience working with languages, runtimes and frameworks such as Node.js, React, Next.js, Express.js and PHP.

My work on the web platform has included contributing to the WHATWG standards in formalizing the internals of how character encodings are processed, getting browsers to agree on how to normalize line breaks in form submissions, and working on a precise definition of the multipart/form-data enctype that can be used in web standards. Aside from my work on Chromium, I have also contributed to the Firefox browser and to the WebKit browser engine (powering the Safari browser), as well as done extensive contributions to the Deno Javascript runtime.

Other interests of mine include math, physics, linguistics, music, and LGBTQ+ activism.


// FIXME: Link to some of my work on web standards, browsers, Deno...

A WIP definition of multipart/form-data for use in web standards (GitHub)

A self-building and self-updating mirror of the CSS Working Group specifications (GitHub)